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Step 1

They’ve spent months hidden away underneath layers and inside boots so it can be easy to neglect our feet during the colder months. Prepare to bare with these speedy steps:

Step 1 – 3 minutes

Before a bath or shower, file any dry areas of skin with long, firm strokes, working in one direction only. Use a foot file that has two sides of different grit – one to tackle very hard skin and the other to smooth over the filed surface. As skin becomes softer when wet we recommend only filing dry skin to avoid accidently over-filing or tearing the skin.

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Step 2 – 4 minutes

Use Jessica Zenspa Microdermabrasion Foot Scrub to exfoliate feet while in the shower or bath to remove any remaining rough skin and to perfectly smooth filed areas. Pay special attention to extra dry areas. The finely ground volcanic pumice is very effective on hard skin that builds up on feet, as it will renew skin cells and leave your feet feeling like new.

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Step 3

Step 3 – 5 minutes

Once out of the bath or shower, dry feet thoroughly, concentrating in-between the toes, and apply Nourish to soften cuticles. Gently push back cuticles using an orangewood stick.

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Step 4 – 3 minutes

Apply Jessica Zenspa Hydrating Heel Repair Creme to heels and other dry areas. Allow to absorb, then ensure the nail is wiped thoroughly to remove excess oils before painting.

Step 5 (1)
Step 5 (2)

Step 5 – 10 minutes

Apply two coats of prescriptive base coat suitable for your nail type. Follow with two coats of colour, making sure to seal the free edge (tips) to protect and prevent polish from chipping more easily. Finish with two coats of Brilliance for a gorgeous shine and a longer-lasting manicure.

Total Time: 25 minutes

To maintain your pedicure reapply Brilliance every 3 days to keep your polish looking fresh and to protect the colour from fading. Before going to bed apply Phenomen Oil and Heel Repair Creme, put on some cotton socks and you’ll wake up with silky smooth skin.

With these simple steps your feet will be ready for sandals in no time.